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History Of Zodiac

Your sun-sign describes your individual character. Its house placement and aspects in your personal horoscope Indicate how your personal will is expressed, the direction You are most inclined to take when just being yourself, And all other planetary influences revolve around your Sun's desires. The sun also has ruler ship over the most Important men in your life (your father, husbands, male superiors etc.). The moon symbolizes your emotional and feeling nature. It represents The kind of environment necessary for you to feel emotionally Secure. Its sign, aspects, and house position point out the Areas of life and manner your personality is expressed. The moon also represents the important women in your Life, like mothers, wives, and long lasting girlfriends, And has some influence over your thinking process. This planet is directly associated with your manner of Thinking, speaking, and has ruler ship over your overall Manner of communicating. Its sign, aspects, and house Position show how you plan and communicate your primary Motivations as described by your sun-sign. Venus represents your affectionate nature, social Qualities, and describes any artistic qualities You may or may not have. This planet and any Influences tied to it have a direct bearing on Your love affairs and marriage. For a man, Venus symbolizes the type of physical woman He is attracted to. It also has ruler ship Over finances, material gain, and what you value in life. Mars is the indicator of how you express your Energy or anger. It points out how you take Action and assert yourself to satisfy your Inner needs as dictated by your sun-sign. This planet also has ruler ship over your Sexual expression and represents the type Of physical man women are attracted to. Wherever Mars is located in your chart highlights Where there is the most activity in your life.

This planet shows how you are able to make gains, Growth, and advancements in life. Jupiter and its Aspects describe how you relate best to circumstances And perceive opportunities in your life. This planet Also indicates what it is which you feel you have plenty of, And how you express kindness or benevolence as a result. Jupiter represents the area of life where you feel least restricted. Saturn is the planet representing what you have a deep Respect for, take most seriously, and have the greatest fear of. Wherever located in your horoscope, Saturn's influence creates a Feeling of lack and need. Rules, regulations, and boundaries Which influenced your early environment due to the management By elders such as your father are described by this planet. Saturn is like the foundation your life is based on, and is Directly connected to your ambitions. Uranus represents how the generation in which you were born Expressed its attitude towards freedom, inventiveness, and the Ability to make changes in the structure and ways of living Which have lasted for a long time. When this planet aspects Your personal planets it provides an impulsive, detached Influence and prompts an unconventional expression of the Planets energy. Uranus acts as a higher vibration of Mercury. Neptune describes your birth generation's feelings about Spiritualism, helping those who are having the most difficulty In life, and represents their feelings about the social Injustices taking place. An aesthetic, imaginative, or Psychic quality is given to your personal planets when in Aspect to Neptune. Affairs of this planet can be deceptive, Chaotic, or even criminal under difficult aspects. While the positive vibrations lend great creativity, a Genuine need to express comfort or help, and much Sensitivity to the personal planets. Neptune acts As a higher vibration of Venus. Pluto represents how Your birth generation utilized all of the resources Available to it to bring about deep lasting changes And transformation to society. It acts as the supreme Power and is highly evident when there extreme changes In social, political, or religious affairs. When tied to Personal plants, Pluto pushes their energy to extreme Expressions, which break, down boundaries and create new limits. Pluto is the higher vibration of Mars.



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