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Leo is love. It represents the warmth, strength, and regeneration we feel through love. It is the radiance of life-giving light and the center of all attention and activity. It is passion, romance, adventure, and games. Pleasure, amusement, fun, and entertainment are all part of Leo. Based on the capacity for creative feeling and the desire to express love, Leo is the premier sign. It represents the umlimited outpouring of all that is warm and postive.

It is loyalty dignity, responsibility, and command. Pride and nobility belong to Leo, and the dashing image of the knight in shining armor, of the hero, is part of Leo. It is a sense of high honor and kingly generosity born out of deep, noble love. It is the excitement of the sportsman, with all the unbeatable flair and style of success. It is a strong, unyielding will and true sense of personal justice, a respect for human freedom, and and enlightened awareness of people's needs.

Leo is involvement in the self's awareness of personal talents and the desire and need to express them. At best it is forthrightness, courage and effciency, authority and dignity, showmanship, and a talent for organization. Dependable and ardent, the Lion is characterized by individuality, positivism, and intergrity.

It is the embodiment of human maturity, the effective individual in society, virile creative forces able to take chances and win. It is the love of laughter and the joy making others happy. Decisive and enthusiastic, the Lion is the creative producer of the Zodiac it is the potential to light the way for others.


The sign and their key words
Sign Key Postitive Negative
Leo children love, authority, integrity egotism, force


The elements and the qualities
Elements Signs Quality
Earth Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius Fixed


The planets and the signs they rule
Signs Ruling planets
Leo Sun


The Zodiac And The Human Body
Signs Human Body
Leo Heart, spine





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