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Libra is the sign of human relationship, marriage equality, and justice. It symbolizes the need of one human being for another, the capacity to find ligt, warmth, and life-giving love in relationship to another human being. It is union on any level-mental, sexual, emotional, or business. It is self-extension in a desire to find a partner with whom to share our joys, it is the capacity to recognize the needs of others and to develop to the fullest our powers of diplomacy, good taste, and refinement.

Libra is harmony, grace, aesthetic sensibility, and the personification of the spirit of companionship. It represents the skill to maintain balances and the ability to share mutually all life's benefits, trials, crises, and blessings. Libra is mastery at anticipation of another's needs or reactions. It is the exercise of simple justice with impartial delicacy.

It is the need to relate, to find a major person, place, or thing to sustain us and draw out our attention. It is growth through becoming awakened to the outside world and other people. It is the union of two loving souls in honesty, equality, mautual cooperation, and mutual accord.


The sign and their key words
Sign Key Postitive Negative
Libra marriage harmony, justice vacillation, superficiality


The elements and the qualities
Elements Signs Quality
Air Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces Mutable


The planets and the signs they rule
Signs Ruling planets
Libra Venus


The Zodiac And The Human Body
Signs Human Body
Libra Kidneys, lower back





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