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Scorpio is the sign of dark intensity, swirling passion, and sexual megnetism. It is the thirst for survival and regeneration that are the bases of sexual orientation and the creative impulses for self-expression. No other sign has such a profound instinct for survival and reproduction. Out of the abyss of emotions come a thousand creations, each one possessing a life of its own.

Scorpio is completion, determination, and endurance, fortified with enough stamina to outlive any enemy. It is the pursuit of goals despite any threat, warning, or obstacle that might stand in the way. It simply cannot be stopped. It knows when to wait and when to proceed. It is the constantly pumps out its rhythm from the depths of being.

Secretive and intimate, Scorpio symbolizes the selfdirected creature with a will of steel. It is the flaming desire to crate, manipulate, and control with a magician's tounch. But the most mysterious quality is the capacity for metamorphosis, or total transformation.

This represents supremacy in the battle with dark unseen forces. It is the state of being totally fearless-the human capacity to face all danger and emerge supreme, to heal oneself. As a caterpillar spins its way into the darkness of a cocoon, Scorpio faces the end of existence, say goodbye to an old way of life, and goes through a kind of death-or total change.

Then, amid the dread of uncertainty, something remarkable happens. From hopelessness or personal crisis a new individual emerges, like a magnidicent butterfly leaving behind its cocoon. It is a human being completely transformed and victorious. This is Scorpio.


The sign and their key words
Sign Key Postitive Negative
Scorpio sex survival, regeneration vengeance, discord


The elements and the qualities
Elements Signs Quality
Water Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces Fixed


The planets and the signs they rule
Signs Ruling planets
Scorpio Mars, Pluto


The Zodiac And The Human Body
Signs Human Body
Scorpio Sex and eliminative organs





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