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Taurus is wealth. It is not just money, property, and the richness of material possessions, but also a wealth of the spirit. Taurus rules everything in the visible world we see, touch, hear, smell, taste-the Earth, sea, and sky-everything we normally consider "real." It is the sign of economy and reserve, for it is a mixture of of thrift and luxury, generosity and practicality. It is a blend of the spiritual and material, for the fertility of the sign is umlimited, and in this sense it is the mystical bank of life. Yet it must hold the fruit of its efforts in its hands and seeks to realize its fantasy-rich imagination with tangible rewards.

Loyalty and endurance make this sign perhaps the most stable of all. We can lean on Taurus, count on it, and it makes our earthly lives comfortable, safe, pleasurable, it is warm, sensitive, loving, and capable of magnificent, joyful sensations. It is conservative and pragmatic, with a need to be sure of each step forward. It is the capacity to plan around eventualities without living in the future. Steadfast and constant, this is a sturd combination of ruggedness and beauty, gentleness and unshakability of purpose. It is the point at which we join body and soul. Unselfish friend and loyal companion, Taurus profoundly noble and openly humanitarian. Tenacity and concentration slow the energy down to bring certain long-lasting rewards.

Taurus is a fertile resource and rich ground to grow in, and we all need it for our ideas and plans to flourish. It is the uncut diamond, symbolizing rich, raw tastes and a deep need for satisfaction, refinement, and completion.


The sign and their key words
Sign Key Postitive Negative
Taurus money endurance, loyalty, wealth obstinacy, gluttony


The elements and the qualities
Elements Signs Quality Sign
Earth Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn Fixed Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius


The planets and the signs they rule
Signs Ruling planets
Taurus Venus


The Zodiac And The Human Body
Signs Human Body
Taurus Throat, neck, lower jaw





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