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Virgo is the sign of work and service. It is the symbol of the farmer at harvest time, and represents tireless efforts for the benefit of humanity, the joy of bringing the fruits of the earth to the table of mankind. Celebration through work is the characteristic of this sign. Sincerity zeal, discipline, and devotion mark the sign of the virgin.

The key word is purity, and in Virgo lies a potential for unlimited self-mastery. Virgo is the embodiment of perfected skill and refined talent. The thread of work is woven into the entire life of Virgo. All creativity is poured into streamlining a job, classifying a system, eradicating unnecessary elements of pure analysis. The ture Virgo genius is found in separating the wheat from the chaff.

Spartan simplicity characterizes this sign, and Virgo battles the war between order and discorder. The need to arrange, assimilate, and categorze is great; it is the symbol of the diagnostician, the nurse, the nurse, and the healer. Criticism and analysis describe this sign-pure, incisive wisdom and a shy appreciation of life's joys. All is devoted to the attainment of perfection and the ideal of self-mastery.

Virgo is the sign of health and represents the physical body as a functioning symbol of the mental and spiritual planes. It is the state of healing the ills of the human being with natural, temperate living. It is maturation of the ego as it passes from a self-centered phase to its awareness and devotion to humanity.

It is humanitarian, pragmatic, and scientific, with boundless curiosity. Focus and clarity of mind are the strong points, while strength of purpose and shy reserve underlie the whole sign. There is separateness, aloofness, and solitude for this beacon of the Zodiac. As a lighthouse guides ships, so Virgo shines.


The sign and their key words
Sign Key Postitive Negative
Virgo work purity, industry, analysis faultfinding, cynicism


The elements and the qualities
Elements Signs Quality
Air Gemini, Libra, Aquarius Mutable


The planets and the signs they rule
Signs Ruling planets
Virgo Mercury


The Zodiac And The Human Body
Signs Human Body
Virgo Intestines, liver





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